Xiaomi Imilab KW66

Nebir September 27, 2022
Main Featured: Xiaomi Imilab KW66
Weight: 54 g
Display: 1.28-inches 3D TFT
Battery Capacity: 340 mAh
Battery Life: Up to 30 days
Charging: Magnetic
Bluetooth: 5.0

Xiaomi Imilab KW66 Full Review

The xiaomi imilab kw66 is a smart watch that will help in everyday life. This is made with zinc alloy and iml coated case back for reason it give a style look. You can easily change and soip your mood and style. This has a built in 340 mAh battery that for reason you can use it for a long time without recharging. xioami imilab also help you monitor your health. This will all time monitor your wellness and track even small deviations from the norm. This device can also control your heart condition. This is water resistanc that means you contact with water.

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