Miroir Synq M189 Review

Nebir September 23, 2022

Miroir synq m189 delivers impressive color accuracy and robust audio.
It’s easy to use, but lacks automatic or powered focus or adjustable image settings.
It has unusually high quality color accuracy and audio for size.
It is ultra-simple to setup, and has the flexibility of using any streaming service you like.
Despite its native 720p resolution, it behaves like a 1080p projector with a maximum 1080p 60Hz input.
One reason for the large size is that there is room inside the case to hide a streaming stick as well as cabe connectors.
The HDMI port will let you connect most current computers, video sources,phone, and tablets.
If you have to tilt the projector, the automatic keystone correction will square off the image for you.

Excellent color accuracy for its size and price
Robust audio for the small size
Built -in battery lasts up to 4 hours
Accommodates any streaming stick

Only one HDMI port no other inputs
Image settings can not be adjustted

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