Vivo 17 Pro Full Review

Nebir September 18, 2022
Main Featured: Vivi 17 Pro
Display: 6.44″ | Super Amoled
GPU: Adreno 612
Processor: Octa core, up to 2.0 GHz
Main Camera: 48mp+8mp+13mp+2mp
Font Camera: 32mp+8mp
Ram: 8 gb
Storage: 128 gb
Battery: 4100 mAh

Vivo V17 Pro Review

Vivo v17pro smartphone recently launched in the market, I have been using the vivo v17 pro since its launch. How was the daily life experience of the vivo v17 pro? Another official price is that the crystal black or black color phone looks very good in my hand but the crystal kaiba white color looks more joss to delete optical indian fast bank rate was there although the transition animation takes a while which is not noticeable anymore It doesn’t have much more than that Regular face unlock If you give wrong fingerprint three times the fashion lock will be activated I hope you understand I like it but you can turn it off or set something else if you want Prabi’s quality was pretty good it was quite a study and even though the class science class Make-upmen know they won’t be happy, but Ruby’s motor was not pleasant because of the large contactors and the white color.

It is very simple and class Full HD display so far more or less everyone has an idea 20 February 3.25 Play Store Normblast Night Mode Another good thing is that it is given Always On Display Customize option You will get many types of Always On Display theme can be changed and made better Likes and useful features 6t steps towards the camera and two consecutive front camera sensors also thirteen megapixels Australia and two megapixels camera performance is more service and details are at ok level the pictures are very much upload relip car profile is given delete pictures everyone will have and bright pictures a little more I think the imx582 was going to be a good choice. Beautiful factory and macro elements. Love the pictures.

Can take nice pictures but very accurate and details were great video relatively affordable phone snapdras 712 is very inappropriate if official phone can’t be complacent sexbibo performed well no visible use islamic performance in office good to say

I have no complaints with the call quality bro, IPL’s charging option is4100 MAH battery engineering means in your final unit but it may have some technicalities that we will pay and some multitasking is done within six hours. Goes to an hour and 45 minutes and iOS inspired ur

Voice change to talk with it is pretty rare for me Vivo v17pro smartphone in all details I’m glad they moved away from plastic phones so beel quality and design thumsup what else I want Official phone space not as much choice though More use has opened, overall nothing is unstable, but the six will continue to use the front camera. ovaral good this phone.

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