Samsang Galaxy A52 Review

Nebir September 9, 2022
Main Featured : Samsang Galaxy A52
Display: 6.5″ | Super Amoled | 90hz
Processor: Snapdragon 720G
GPU: Adreno618
Main Camera: 64mp+12mp+5mp+5mp
Front Camera: 32mp
Ram: 8gb | Type: lpddr4x
Storage: 128gb | type: ufs2.1
Battery: 4500 mah | 15w

Samsung Galaxy A52 release march 26, 2021. gave Samsung’s phone call construction process we know processor is the life of a phone there is one year old processor there processor we can get it at a much lower price then it makes sense to get this phone Samsung has made a bad phone it seems like today In the review, we are all brothers, what is the phone bad, what is good, no phone can only be bad, not only good, everything will be discussed, today’s review will be watched until the end, if you like it, like it, if you like it, like it, if you like it, like it, if the channel is new, I will not tell you what to do. Let’s jump directly into the review how is the builder design of the phone how is the builder design best solid good like samsung Samsung brand like good brand famous brand builder design looks like but yes it has polycarbonate on the back side the film is polycarbonate all polycarbonate but good quality polycarbonate is not taken care of It looks like a premium toy but the backside is not yet fingerprinted, very little fear of coming today Samsung

Earlier Fifteen banned the phones said plastic plastic scrap would come this time but it doesn’t seem like the specs will come at all I will say the phone looks great especially Samsung has brought these colors the colors are unique if you hold the phone and see someone using it you are using a premium phone Even though it is plastic, it is huge, not very small. 9.53 is a full HD plus Super AMOLED plus display. The display is Samsung’s display, so there is not much to say about it. There is a mistake in the middle. There is a silver color around it. It feels good the display is really nice and for the hair central is there any problem to see what should I get the phone this time I will definitely tell you what are the downsides of the phone also keep watching the video stay with us and in the video there is a gift for you today yes Samsung Galaxy a52 phone is a gift for you you can get this phone as a gift a new phone what to do i will tell you everything in the video

Stay tuned with us and keep watching for now keep your device here 5720 is an optimized processor tested for many days now stable processor everything is running fine on that processor so there is no problem playing games those who play two play games fairly those who are going to competition No for them this processor will work well in terms of gameplay as well in this campaign you won’t get doctor link you won’t get heating s stable a processor where you will get camera support there is not much room to complain about this processor i think this processor i 26000 499 rupees no buy here discount is 2000 rupees in india it can be a bit less if you bargain offline but still with this processor the phone is overpriced many may think paisa usul many will not think but for whom a paisa usul It would seem that those who only cook the processor specifications because they are talking about the experience why express. The

Jawani is given in the full version. Good experience. Honestly, we don’t get it in other cheap phones. There are many tigers in the water but there are no tigers. I like it in every way. I like it when you use it. The best UI isn’t the biggest deal at the moment. You get two things that you’re actually paying for. First, you get four years of software updates that you won’t find anywhere else. Also, you get Knock Security Check, starting from your folder. Starting with Samsung, everything is provided. In terms of security, in terms of updates, this phone will crack 100 out of 100. Here is the camera setup of Becher Megapixel. Primary Teacher Megapixel in any situation. It’s good to say that because the color here is a little wrong, it looks good in different situations

Takes photos and now Samsung’s camera algorithm is so good in any situation Samsung handles it well even with the software. There is another violence here at 8-megapixel which is one of the best in the market. I have to say this time there is a selfie camera in the front that is also recent and it works well it didn’t let us down it took good photos in any situation but the special thing here is optical image stabilization with 4 primary 7:30 which we don’t usually get and that optical image stabilization is just You think that it is used only in the field of video. It is a wrong idea. Here, when the light is very low, this optical image stabilization computer is able to capture more light, which results in better pictures. Also, in the field of video, the optical image stabilization is so good. Let’s see a sample no

2080p resolution image stabilization works very well on this phone but if you shoot 4k30ps or 1080p picture video then image stabilization will work I will show how well image stabilization works you can understand how pregnant is how good it is here because Optical Image Stabilization Features Here You Can Clip A Short Video And Use The Phone Best Photo Of Best Short Clip No Good No Bad There Are Areas That Samsung Can Improve Samsung From Before I have improved a lot in the phone esta they have given career education i.e support of 4g plus starting from wifi no problem in network anywhere i bro i have not got any call robb in calling especially all quality if you say how good the voice is also but the call is fine There are options for recording but there are 4 in-display fingerprint sensors which I think is a little bit of a second of

For the hall is deleting maybe it is running in animation but if it is a little bit different it would have been nice to see the scene There is a 4500 mAh battery which is fine after calling because it has a 79 meter processor Super AMOLED plastic battery backup is good but it is given in the box 15 watt charger supports here 25 watt fast charging why 25.9 that’s one complaint place for another complaint no dual stereo speaker at this price dual speaker is not about complaint it’s great Samsung first dual speaker at such a low price but the speaker from the top of the dual speaker It gives a little less sound in comparison, it is a little bit less loudness, so the total could have been a little bit better, which is not the case, but yes, the sound output is good enough and 3.50 is getting a good quality sound. The phone has been upgraded with several things confirmed by YouTube. If you don’t compare with Chinese mobiles, read Samsung’s previous phone. to understand

You can see how much better this phone is, and besides, it’s a good choice for those who like the experience. I would say that you may be right on the one hand but keeping in mind Samsung’s branding and keeping in mind the overall express, the price of the phone is right, at least after the discount the phone cannot be called overpriced. This was today’s tune. How can you get the phone? You have to do very small things. You have to make a comment where you don’t have to say the good side of this phone. What you think is good or bad about it. Write your opinion about the phone in the comment. Don’t comment more than one and you must subscribe to our channel. You have to be a family member and you have to press the like button once to call and you can get the phone as a gift after a few days. the one

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